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Staying the course | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hi Guys,

I think it is time for another blog, which is short for “piece of writing where I say what I have been thinking recently”. I normally try to have factually based and scientifically founded musings so that what I am saying doesn’t end up being an opinionated shout out. This time however I am going to do less of the former and more of the latter.


Detoxing for Dummies | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hi All,

Time for another train of thought episode that some (mostly myself) have kindly called a blog entry. I have an axe to grind today however.


R.E.S.P.E.C.T | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hi All,

I have been out of the blogging game for a fair while, but thought it was well and truly time to get something down, and there have been a few situations recently which have inspired me to put fingers to keyboard and jot something down.


Your journey is your destination | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hey guys,

This post has been inspired by a few things I have heard going around in the last couple of weeks and I felt compelled to put it into writing and (after a little while of keeping it private) share it with the public.


You can’t use this one any more...| Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hey! Hopefully the title was enough of a hook to get you reading my latest blog entry. In the past I have written about the societal benefits of improved activity and nutrition in a whole population. I’ve also written, and you also know about, the benefits you personally gain from becoming regularly physically active. I’m here today to smash a whole bunch of logic and statistics and research and science at you to finally put to bed a massively common reason people cite for being unable to commit to a consistent exercise program: Money.


Know your why | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Time for what I imagine will be the last blog of 2014, thanks to everyone who has read my thoughts so far and I hope you keep reading into the New Year.


Work to live, don't live to work | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hey everyone,

I think I'm well past due for another blog (because I know there are heaps of people out there impatiently tapping their foot and looking at their watch and wondering when Dan's next blog will be...) and today I'm going to harp on about something that I think is critically important in everyone's quest to find balance and get the body of their dreams, or just a healthy lifestyle. It's also going to sound pretty counter intuitive and a bit weird coming from someone who has chosen a career in the fitness industry.


Exercising is a skill | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hey guys,

in this blog I'd like to spend some time talking about a preconceived, and incorrect, concept when it comes to the gym and exercising in general.


We are all teachers, we are all students | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hey everyone,

hope you're all gearing up for the happiness that daylight savings will bring. It will be upon us within the week and I know it just puts me in a better place. I keep saying it's like having a second day in addition to your work day to get things done. You can actually go to the park or for a run on the beach after work and its warm and its light; it's just a good time of year. Not to mention we're coming up to the season where you wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world than Hobart (you could twist my arm and force me to go snowboarding in the Rockies I suppose). I can't tell you how much I love the Taste festival and all the things that go on there, we are so lucky to live in a place where this can all happen, which sort of crudely segues into what I want to harp on today.


Be the star of your own Action Movie | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hi everyone,

it's time for another blog. I think I'm going to try and pump out a couple of these a month. I've been going down a fairly common path with my last couple of efforts and I certainly have more to say on those topics, but for now it's time to head down a bit of a different path.


The most dangerous word in the world... | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hopefully that's a good enough hook to get you reading. I'm back with another blog and this time I'm going to talk about the most dangerous word in the world. Before I tell you what I believe is the most dangerous word in the world, why don't you have a guess, see if you come up with the same answer as I did. ...I'll wait while you think...


What are you actually putting in? | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hi guys,

It's been a little while since my last blog and I am now at a point where I am ready to launch into another diatribe about things that have been on my mind recently. I had initially wanted to go in a different direction with this piece, but I canned it because it seemed like I was trying to crowbar a moral into a story about something that irked me, which isn't what I want this space to be.


How defined do you want to be? | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hey Gang,

I've had a lot of inspirational quote pictures popping up on my Facebook this week. I don't know why, there just seems to be a glut of them recently and it got me thinking. You know the ones:


Pay it Forward | Dan Toohey .:. TOP

Hey Everyone, I'm back here to talk about something that I'm very passionate about. How many of you have seen the movie, or know of the concept of "Pay it Forward"? If you don't, it's pretty simple. You do something nice for someone else, then they do something nice for another person and they do something nice for another person etc. What I want you to think about is the ripple effect something like that can have on the wider community. It can be pretty huge.



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