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Forms ...where would we be without them?

Forms you will need to complete

Below are the forms that we will need to go over before you commence your training program. If you want to check them out, save a copy, print and fill them in prior to your session, go for it, that will give us more time to exercise!

In most instances there are two versions of each document, a Word document that you can download and complete most fields within the document itself and a PDF document that you can download, print and fill in by hand.  Please contact me if you experience difficulties downloading.

Personal Training Agreement

This is the formal agreement between you and Dan Toohey Personal Training. It covers our responsibility to each other, formalises payment and we agree on a fair policy for cancellations. After signing this document you know you have agreed to a flexible and professional service with no loopholes or fancy misleading text and all print is size 10 or bigger, nothing you need a magnifying glass for!

Word Document
PDF Document

Adult pre-exercise screening tool

This form will assess your medical readiness for commencing a training program. This is the standard pre-exercise screen that is supported by Fitness Australia.

PDF Document


A standard waiver form which you will need to date and sign prior to commencing a training program.

Word Document
PDF Document

Client Debrief

These forms come in many names, but using this form we can get a better idea of where you're at right now, where you want to go and the best way to get you there by avoiding pitfalls that may have held you back in the past. This form is best completed in person, with your trainer, but if you would like to fill in a copy beforehand, you can fill it in on your computer and then print it out or email it back.

Word Document
PFD Document



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