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You will surprise yourself | Susan

" After over two years training with Dan I can honestly say that getting over my nerves and making that first appointment has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm so lucky to have found a trainer who genuinely want to see his clients succeeding, and the faith he has in me makes me want to prove him right.

Despite initial fears that I was signing up for a scary trainer with a bunch of boring, one-size-fits-all workouts, Dan has managed to keep me engaged in a constant stream of challenging PT, group sessions and home workouts that have kept me interested for far longer than I ever expected, and I have a good feeling that this will continue well into the future.

I recently took a three month break to travel, and although my confidence in my level of fitness led me to some amazing experiences I was incredibly nervous on my return that I would feel like I had lost too much ground and become discouraged. Dan was so understanding of my fears and honest with what I should expect that the backwards steps I had made didn't seem like such a big deal after all, and though I still grumble to myself about letting my progress slip I'm back on my way.

Dan seems to attract the kind of client base who encourage, support and occasionally compete with each other to do better, and through his group sessions I've met a fantastic community of like-minded people. I used to be so sure that I wasn't doing well enough that I was too self conscious to be seen trying, but under his guidance I have taken part in fitness events I would never have thought myself capable of, and I'm pretty sure now that nobody was ever staring at me!

As someone who had never enjoyed getting active, nobody is more surprised than I am that two and a bit years down the track I run, ride, skip, hula hoop, push, pull and lift things, and that I like it so much I get cross when I'm forced to miss a session! The first step is the hardest one to take, and I'm so glad to have taken it, and all the following ones, with Dan. "

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Fun and challenging| Kirby

" I really enjoy going to PT. They are both fun and challenging. Dan is great at motivating us to do our best then just a bit more. "

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The perfect blend... | Tom

" In my opinion, what Dan has going is the perfect blend of fun and Exercise. Such a wide range of sets, exercises and challenges. No two are the same. Dan shows his experience and knowledge of body movement and keen eye for technique improvement without falter. Whether it be a group session or a one-on-one, he never misses a beat, stroke or jump.

For example, when I started I could barely lift myself for a pushup, I could hardly run 50 paces and I had flabby edges. Now I'm up over 20 pushups in a row and climbing, my cardio has improved tenfold and to tone up the softer edges, I found muscles I never knew I had!

Dan is good. Really good. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The group sessions I attend are great fun, I almost always leave with a grin on my face and Dan is flexible so if I have another commitment it’s possible to swap and change so I don't miss anything. "

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Found my place | Amy

" For most of my adult life I’ve struggled with weight, exercise, motivation and healthy living. I’ve attempted most fad diets to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest possible time frame. When I say I’ve attempted exercising in the past, I mean I’ve donated a large sum of money to several gyms to maybe go once or twice and put in what I convinced myself to be a decent effort. All through this, shock horror, I was unable to get any sustainable results.

When I started training with Dan, I finally felt like I had found my place. A place where I was not self-conscious or judged for my non-existent fitness level, where I felt fully supported in what I was doing and encouraged beyond what I have experienced before. With Dan’s support, I have been able to commit to achieving my goals and doing so in the healthiest way.

Dan has been able to encourage and motivate me when I’ve become a little lost and has been able to create a safe, welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable place to exercise, achieve our goals, and create new friendships!

If you’re ready to make a change, to commit to something, to let go of the things that are holding you back from achieving your goals, see Dan. Dan Toohey Personal Training has helped me achieve so many of my goals, and push myself harder than I ever have before! "

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Hard work, good fun...great results | Libby

" I started a 12 week group program with Dan Toohey not very confident that I would be able to do it. After the first week I was ready to quit, but I went back. I have just completed my 12 weeks and I am converted. Dan has a soft nature but gets you working without realizing. Dan made the experience gratifying; he knows what you are capable of even if you don't. I joined with a group of friends; we work hard but also have a lot of fun. I have seen great results in just 12 weeks; I have lost weight, gained muscle and feel fantastic, bring on the next 12 weeks.

I would and have highly recommended joining Dan in a training program, being it in a group or on your own. "

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It's the little things | Alanna

" I didn't notice the little things adding up. Parking closer to town, buying ready made meals instead of cooking. I had met the love of my life and went travelling. I began making excuses and before I knew it, exercise became a scary word.

After getting frustrated with my own attempts at exercise, I decided it was time to get some help to achieve my goals. Dan made it clear that simply by deciding to take that step, I was on a healthier road.

Dan provided me with a flexible regime to fit around family and my shift-work and set achievable challenges each week.

Three things that impressed me were Dan's knowledge base, his support and his honesty. Dan was able to instruct and correct my technique so I was working on my strength without causing injury. Dan was supportive when I faced challenges both in and out of class. He provided me with the morivation to push through and the wisdom of when to take a step back. I was suprised at how comfortable I felt, never feeling judged or embarrassed as I had experienced when stepping into a gym. Dan was also very honest and reminded me of the role I play in achieving my goals.

If you need to make a change and want results. If you expect professionalism in a supportive environment. If you want great value for your health AND your money, call Dan, just like I did. "

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Getting it done, but still having fun | Jacynta

" I've really enjoyed Dan's style of training. Not only does he get the best out of you (even when you think you've got nothing left) but he also makes training enjoyable with his quick wit and sense of humour. He's a great guy who gets the job done! "

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Looking forward to training each week | Chantell

" [Y]ou should know that before I started training with [Dan] that I could not stick to any fitness schedule for longer than 2 months. You have made training something to look forward to, just by the way you know each and everyone of your clients, the way you know when to push and/or be supportive, every session is actually fun and last but not least your sense of humour always helps us get through when we feel like giving up!! "

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Found the right trainer! | Angela

" You have been a wonderful trainer from start to finish. You made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. You worked us hard but also helped us when we struggled! Wouldn't have wanted to be trained by anyone else! "

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Merry Christmas | Kym

" ...With all the lovely things our trainers have been posting lately, I thought I would publicly recognise and say thank you to my trainer Dan Toohey.

Thank you for all your encouragement, motivation and support over the last 6 mths or so. This time last yr I was 7 mths pregnant and very unfit. I never imagined I would have come this far and be as fit, strong and healthy as I am and this is largely thanks to you.

Your style of training has really resonated with me and after getting over the initial 4 weeks it hasn't felt like a huge lifestyle change, it has just fitted in nicely.

So thank you Dan and Merry Christmas... "

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Not into the traditional gym setting | Veronica

" I have never been a gym person, always a team sport player. Saying that, I love attending [Dan's] sessions. I don't feel like I am an individual gym goer instead I feel like I am a part of a wonderful team. Hats off to both [the office team] & Dan! "

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Reaching new heights | Alice

"  After hitting a massive wall with motivation and plateauing big time in my fitness levels I turned to Dan, who had been recommended by an acquaintance. As an aside she was a client of Dan's - I hadn't seen her for a while and she was looking amazing and super healthy! Prior to starting with Dan I thought I was reasonably fit; I ran or walked several times a week and lead a pretty active lifestyle. Training with Dan has taken my fitness to a whole new level; I am stronger than I have ever been, my running form and times have improved and I am achieving fitness goals I never knew I had! Dan keeps me motivated and on track; his sessions are challenging and rewarding and I'm hooked and look forward to seeing him, and pushing myself harder, every session! "

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Going because you want to go, not because you have to! | Rach

" When I began my training with [Dan] my aim was just to get it over with and go through the motions to lose weight. I never really thought about my fitness goals before I joined, I just wanted to lose weight and I didn't really think about improving my flexibility or fitness. Now I feel like being fit is something I WANT to do, not something I HAVE to do. After working with [Dan] I now actually enjoy training. In fact I love it and look forward to attending twice a week. The sessions are innovative and always entertaining and no two sessions are ever the same! Dan is supportive and is always able to work around people who have temporary or permanent limitations; he never makes you feel as if it is an inconvenience. He has changed my mindset about my ability to do exercises I previously thought were impossible for someone like me.

I would recommend [Dan] to anyone as I have always been made to feel like a valued client and I'm more motivated than I have ever been to change my lifestyle...[S]ince I joined in June I have lost 12kg. I even won a 28 day challenge where I lost a total of 4.85% off my weight, hips and waist in such a short time.

I used to be really active and fit, but I stopped after having my children. But now I'm feeling the best I have in nearly 20 years and I don't want that to change! What makes it so easy is down to the feeling that this is a community not just a "membership" to somewhere. I have made so many new friends since joining and I go because I want to go, not because I have to go. Starting with [Dan] is one of the best decisions I have ever made. "

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Family Bootcamp Rocks! | Sonya

" ...I think you should come along to family boot camp next Tuesday with your family... I can not tell you how much I love it, the kids have a ball... After work I sit and wonder where I'll find the energy and yet after each week I'm smiling and loving it!! Dan Toohey is fabulous!! So incredibly tolerant with the children and manages them beautifully! Tuesday is my favourite day of the week!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! "

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Loving the variety | Sue

" Yet another fun workout with Dan! How does he come up with the variety each week????? Dan sure is THE MAN! "

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My happy, healthy time of the week | Janne

" Before I began as a client with [Dan] my expectations for what to expect were minimal. I just thought I'd give it a go for a while and then make some excuse to give up! But after working with Dan I felt more motivated than ever in my life. I saw and felt results in weight loss and strength. I felt like part of a team that was encouraging, and I also felt that I wanted to encourage.

I would like to thank Dan for motivating and encouraging me to develop a belief in myself that I could actually do what was asked of me or at least work towards it. Mostly I would like to thank him for the respect he shows every one of us. I feel happy, proud and healthier than I have in a very long time, not only physically but mentally. I have a new outlook. Going to training is my happy, healthy time of the week. "

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Always having fun | Cheryle

" [Y]ou gave me so much motivation and made me feel like I could do it. That had not happened for years so for that I am very thankful. I often think about our 6.30 am starts and nights we had so much fun no matter what you threw at me even if I could not do your planking ha I still laughed and thought oh well you're not judging me you're just there to help me thanks heaps Dan "



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