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Dan Toohey Personal Training Winter Survival Challenge

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Dan Toohey Personal Training Winter Survival Challenge

It’s hard to maintain the passion and motivation to achieve great things at the best of times, let alone the cold, hard Tasmanian winter. This event is the challenge you need to make sure you can achieve great things and stay motivated. Think about the things you wanted when you signed up. Do you have them now? What are your goals? Are you achieving everything you need to? If you answered no to any of these questions, take up the challenge and I guarantee if you put in the effort, you can get awesome results within this time.

What you get

  • Extra sessions every week. 7.30AM Mon and Fri and 8.15AM Sat
  • Free cookbook with calorie and nutrition information for all entries. Covers main meals, side dishes and snacks/desserts
  • Online booking system to maintain accountability
  • week period

What you bring

  • Your mental game, you bring the effort and watch the results happen
  • Yourself. 3 sessions a week. This is the deal. You must attend 3 sessions a week to get the best results. If you don’t commit to 3 sessions per week your results will suffer big time

Think about having everything you want for yourself. If I told you I could guarantee you those results within the 12 weeks if you do the work, how would that feel?


This is a great opportunity to really smash your results out of the park. If you bring your effort and mental game this will happen. I am committed to giving you the support you need to make this happen and this is why I am giving you a free cookbook with all the information you need to make great meals in the kitchen as well as adding 3 new group sessions to give you more opportunity to get to training the right amount of times. As an added bonus I am giving you some free gear if you show the commitment to turn up and train.

I have sought independent advice on how to price this and I was told that it would be fair and reasonable to price this at $1000 for the 12 weeks. I disagreed with that. I want this to be something you can afford but I also know you need to put some skin in the game and have a big financial investment. You need to put a bet on yourself. If you got all the results you wanted and achieved your goals, the price I set would seem like a bargain. If you do the work and stay strong you’ll have that success.

If you bring just yourself it will be $800. If you bring a friend it will only be $700 each. The challenge will have a soft launch on the 13th of June and have the official launch on June 20th 2016.

Please email me if you are wanting to sign up to this challenge and I will make all the arrangements. The people that do this challenge are going to make some massive waves and get awesome results. Don’t miss out and watch everyone else get what they want. Sign up today.



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